What is Biblit?

Biblit is a weekly newsletter/devotion consisting of what we call Biblits. Each Biblit gives a detailed breakdown of different passages of Scripture! If you have never heard the term Biblical Literacy before, I encourage you to look it up and incorporate it into your own quiet times! I learned about it from a popular Christian author, Jen Wilkins. To sum up, essentially, there are three parts to solid study of God’s word:

  1. Context

  2. Interpretation

  3. Application

Most people love the application (myself included). The “ok, that passage is cool, what do I do with it?” questions. There is nothing wrong with that enthusiasm at all! It shows great fruit when we want so desperately to grow and be more like Christ! However, we can never truly achieve Godly application if we do not know the context and interpretation of the passage we are reading. We will take things out of context and if we aren’t careful, we may live our lives in a non-biblical way! 

Thus, it is so so so important that we study God’s word in the right order! First, we should understand the context of what’s going on in the passage. This includes historical context, story context, or any kind of language barrier that might help us understand what’s going on better. Next, we jump into the interpretation. What is the message the author is trying to give in this passage? Once we have those two, we can take our own life circumstances and apply the Biblical interpretation. That is the best explanation I can give on Biblical Literacy at the moment, but I implore you to do your own research on it! It has improved my study of God’s word and my relationship with God tenfold!

That was a brief side note, but it is important to have so I can answer the first question: What is this newsletter all about? Well, I have two goals:

  1. To encourage people to study the Bible more.

  2. To share with people what God is teaching me in my life

So many of us learn and grow in the Lord, but don’t share it. We, as a family of believers, should be encouraging others always! Psalm 96:3 says this: “Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.” That’s what I want to do!

Why should I subscribe?

I am not a seminary student, I don’t have a PhD, or any other “worldy” credential. What I do have is the Holy Spirit. I believe in the gospel of God: that Jesus came and died for my sins, that I am being sanctified by him, and that I am able to have a relationship with God through him. I fervently desire to pursue Him with all my heart, and I believe a newsletter like this will help me do so!

This newsletter will be used to share what I’m learning. I don’t pretend to say I can teach you anything at all. I do proclaim boldly and believe boldly that God can use any words I say to teach you something. That’s why you should read it. Not for my words, but for the Lord’s.

I hope that answers those questions! I’d love to get comments and create a discussion around this! The more people we get involved, the more we can make this into a community, and the more resources we can use to build and grow the kingdom of God! If you want to subscribe, it is totally free and you can signup here.

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“Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.” Psalm 96:3


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